Natal astrology readings with Paula provide a deeper connection with the energetic forces at work in the exact moment of our birth in order to realign our hearts, minds and spirit with our soul’s highest possibilities and purpose.  Unlike a weekly “horoscope” or generic blurb about your sun sign, these specific readings dive deep into many planetary bodies, including Sun, Moon, Ascendant, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These celestial influences are set on a wheel called a natal chart, and include houses where they dwell, each with a significant arena of activity, and aspects, or relationships, both to each other and the planets currently in the sky today at this moment, the transiting planets.

Readings cost $100 and are 75 minutes long. They include “Astrology 101,” beautifully printed full color charts to keep, an astrology “cheat sheet,” mp3 recordings of your full session, email, phone or text follow ups. Sessions can be held in the comfort of your home or private office, or in a local coffee shop or restaurant of your choice. They can be done locally in Denver, CO or by FaceTime or Skype.



Reiki’s benefits can include re-centering of energy and energy flow, stress and anxiety relief, pain relief, release of trapped emotion, specific and general healing, as well sense of calm and well being. It’s important for the person receiving reiki to set an intention for healing and light before attending.

Paula is a Certified Reiki Practitioner, Level II in Usui Shiki Ryogo Reiki. The sacred art of hands on energetic healing has been passed down from master Wynn Ann Chaney, a Master level Practitioner local to Denver, Colorado. Click here to see research studies on benefits of reiki. Click here for a brief history of Reiki.

Most sessions start with a meditation, include relaxing sounds or music and last from 20-30 minutes for a short session, or 50- 60 minutes for a full session. Sessions can be held in the comfort of your home or private office. Investment for a Mini Reiki Session (30 minutes) is $40 ; a Full Reiki Session (60 minutes) is $75.



Intuitive readings are highly personal and differ for each individual. They may include meditation, music, sound healing, astrology, poetry, automatic writing, crystals, pendulum, numerology, tarot or any other tool which may be a spark for insight into your questions. Paula has been a lifelong intuitive and clears an energetic space for you to be inspired by your true path and higher purpose.

Sessions can be held in the comfort of your home or private office, or in a local coffee shop or restaurant of your choice. Investment for a Mini Intuitive Session (30 minutes) is $40 ; a Full Intuitive Session (60 minutes) is $75.


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A beautiful and personalized gift for new Moms, Dads and Sibs!

A new baby on the way? Just born?! These gifts are a wonderful gift to welcome a new baby into the world! A beautiful and unique presentation of key attributes, tendencies, strengths and challenges of the newest addition to your family or a friends! Includes beautifully printed and pdf birth charts for baby, and a personalized hand typed report with attributes.

All that is needed to complete this personalized chart and report is the full name of baby, exact or approximate birth time date, year, city and state. Cost is only $40.